Blip Tuner

No DJ tuned yet.

What is the Blip Tuner?
A simple® unofficial station tuner. Since it does not depend on Flash®, it will allow you to listen to a DJ station on your tablet or smartphone.

How can I tune a station?
In the tab Tuner follow these 4 steps:

  1. 1. Type the name of a DJ (I.e. here you can find a selection of DJs);
  2. 2. Select the number of blips that you want to listen (optional, 25 by default);
  3. 3. Type the offset or number of blips that you want to skip (optional, 0 by default);
  4. 4. Click on "Tune" to receive the playlist with blips from the selected DJ.

Once the playlist is loaded in the Player tab, tap on any blip to start listening to it.

Can I create my own playlist?
Yes, you can –but not on this tuner. You need to be a DJ in Sign up! It's free and fun. Start blipping and then come to the tuner to listen to your own station.

Can I change of station?
Yes, just tune another DJ in the Tuner

Why is the Youtube video size small?
To minimize the stream size. Still it is possible to play it in full screen size.